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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sorry it’s just business!


                    “The best way to predict the future is to create it”
                             -Divine Bradley
          I wonder what the complexion of the global scene would be if, in mass, those of Afrikan origin would start to have conversations and strategy sessions about the state of our economic reality.  How quickly would the condition of our collective existence change if we looked at how and why we conduct the business of life the way we do? Personally I know not how fast we could turn our situation around, but I do know a conversation that would help immensely.
          The fact is we are at a major disadvantage when it comes to our material well being.  Reason being, collectively we control nothing.  Worse than that, many who are in a position of wealth and resource control think like our oppressors! That is to say by their actions it is safe to conclude they are in alignment with the capitalist demons who designed this system.  The weird part is we suffer not for lack of money.  By 2015 it is estimated by Nielsen that our buying power will be 1.1 trillion dollars.  So money by and large is not the problem.  HOW and WHERE we use it is however.   
          Education, food, shelter, clothing, communication and transportation are the sciences we should be investing in.  For example let’s take a look at the so called Jews.  “in the age of the great industrial expansion their role was outstanding in three particular economic areas: in the textile and clothing field, in banking and finance and in the development of a new kind of merchandising such as the department store and mail order business”-Eric Hirshler writing on German Jews.  But how did they achieve this?  It’s quite simply actually- CULTURE!
          By making ownership a part of their very fabric of life they have secured a lasting legacy for future generations. If we were to combine that mindset with a template of passage into adulthood we would actually make some headway.  Consider this: “The Afrikan rites we develop for our sons must instill/teach:
          Respect of the Creator, nature and the Afrikan nation
          Respect for our elders
          Respect for our women
Respect for male/female relationships
Self –Discipline (resilience and determination)
Self –Defense and defense of family
Fiscal responsibility
Sexual Morality
The role and responsibility of Fatherhood
The role and responsibility of Brotherhood
Our story
Critical thinking skills
          Remember that these requirements are designed for initiates in middle to high school (13-18).  They should be modified for males in younger and older age grade cohorts” –Asafo (Mwalim K Bomani pg. 128).
Now that sounds like a plan!  By accepting the simple truth that we are in a war for our very survival we can begin to set goals far beyond the notion of “equality” It is clear from study and experience that economic science must be incorporated in our struggle to a greater effect.  Whether it is simply starting a family business or the total revamping of our behavior towards white supremacy, our economic skill level will determine our fate.
Now that sounds like a plan!  By accepting the simple truth that we are in a war for our very survival we can begin to set goals far beyond the notion of “equality” It is clear from study and experience that economic science must be incorporated in our struggle to a greater effect.  Whether it is simply starting a family business or the total revamping of our behavior towards white supremacy, our economic skill level will determine our fate.
Waking up is hard to do.  Waking up to the fact that to many you are not even a human being; you are just data on a spreadsheet is rough stuff.  Our cooperation in their design will determine the size of the bonus these people receive. It is a very simple equation.  But must our survival be so cold?  Is it all about how much capital we have?  I say no!
Eco alludes to environment. Capital in our situation represents our ability to purchase the items (raw materials, licenses, etc.) needed to build and maintain our life as we wish.  This is the ends justifying scenario.  Regulation of the events in a given environment occurs naturally. So it is a given that we too need regulation in our environment, cultural checks and balances if you will.  In the end we must have a stalwart economic army against incursion by white supremacy. 
The nature of these beings will not allow for true diplomatic relations in regards to sharing resources.  “Knowing that under every condition and every circumstance that the European is visualize and pursue an absolute supremacy over all others renders making peace in order to change the oppressor wishful thinking” (Asafo).  Look deeply at world history, not just at our story.  European history is fraught with war, fratricide and genocide.
          This is not to say the Afrikan has not had his fair share of internal conflict. But by and large we are a much more historically peaceful people.  Tolerance and unity is our trademark; savagery and division is theirs.  So doesn’t it make sense to protect ourselves on the economic front as well?  We should be buying and selling to other Afrikans at a much higher rate.  We should be importing and exporting Afrikan products to each other.  We should be teaching each other to invest in mutual funds, stocks and bonds with the express intent to amass wealth to take care of OUR infrastructure. Our companies should stay in our hands and cater to our culture period.  In closing we will do well to remember the words of the great John Henry Clarke:
“Everything that touches your life must be an instrument of your liberation or it must be discarded.” Ashe.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Health, Resistance and Liberation

The breath of life is that vital force which sustains us.  Learning to manipulate the breath while moving or being still can be a great boon to you.  Exercises such as Tai chi, yoga qi gong and kung fu can help you immensely.  Free flow of air throughout the body is of the utmost importance.  In this world we have a tendency to breath constricted.  Almost as if we are struggling for air.  This is NOT how it was meant to be.
          Think back to when you were a child and remember how free and natural the breath was to you.  Instead of the lungs, the origin of the air seemed to come from deep with.  This is what is known as the diaphragm or tan tien. Lungs must be free from impediments in order to function In addition; blood must be oxygenated for the brain to function properly.  Combining static breathing techniques with a fighting style will do wonders.  But why?
          Meditation will serve to calm the mind and body as well increase awareness of world, both internal and external; while the fighting style will give you confidence control and effective ability to defend yourself.  Self-defense as we know it is the basis of liberation.  As we are attacked we defend. After we defend we attack to ensure no future attack occurs.  In order to attack we must be fit in both mind and body. Culture is supposed to imbue our people with health and wealth.  But we must secure our culture NOW, for the simple reason we are under attack. 
          In my view the best way to secure our culture is to acquire knowledge.  We must become knowledgeable about who we are, knowledgeable about our enemy is, about his defenses and the methods he employs.  Information is power.  With the proper information we have the power to resist.  
          Resisting a culture of death is no easy task family; the elements that will bring us back to life (mentally, spiritually, and culturally) is however. 
1) Eat right
2) Exercise
3) Get proper sleep
4) Transform pain to joy
          The first three are pretty straight forward. A little bit of research will put you on the correct path toward a blissful life.  So let’s address number four for a moment.  Oppression leads to pain. Pain comes in any number of forms.  It could be the loss of a sibling or you yourself were victim of a calamity.  Perhaps racial or economic bias has scared you in some way.  Whatever the situation, pain is not a game.  But once you experience it life doesn’t come to an end.  One thing I have learned is that life continues.  Not in a straight path but in a circle, cycles if you will. In reality it’s more of a spiral. You can either go upwards or down but move you shall.  The ability to transform pain caused by situations will go a long way in determining how successful you and subsequently we are in liberating ourselves from the fetters of white supremacy. 
 And remember:


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Natural Law- Energy and Liberation

        “The discourse of community is concerned with the integrity of social groups and the general rights—socio-economic as well as political—of the individuals who make up the group.” –Wilson Davis

        What caused the struggle for Black Liberation to be waged?  Why did so many feel the need to wage armed (guns and education) struggle against the United States and her allies? 
These two questions should be on the forefront of every naysayers and puppet of this regime.  Furthermore ALL who have been affected by imperialism and oppression should analyze this period of world history.  Reason being it forces people to properly study and breakdown the humans behind struggle and humans behind oppression.  If after a proper analysis a person can still honestly find reason for continued oppression, then there is nothing more to discuss.
        We as humans must understand the world is being coordinated; coordinated by forces, men and women of both small and large minds.  This contradictory truth breeds opposition.  So long as the dominant system or culture is division, hoarding, corruption, oppression and rebellion will be the result.  Case in point: the Assata Shakur -Guillermo Morales center located at City College has been illegally raided and taken over recently by the governing body of the institution. 
        Now regardless of any discomfort at the names adorning the center, the work being done should have labeled that room untouchable.  From food share programs, medical classes, survival training, and political prisoner workshops the center stands for a lifestyle counter to the current imperialistic regime. In the end this is an act of warfare.  War is not simply limited to guns and bombs. War includes communication, information, education, and business. 
        For example by seizing merchandise located within the center, the fascist, totalitarian like regime of the college sought to destroy the economic pipeline from the students and the community.  It is well known theft is a tactic of war and this seizure is no different.  One has to ask why the secrecy?  Why did they strike during the weekend? Why weren’t the students notified? Remember deception and secrecy is a tactic of war.  This must be properly understood.
        The goal is to create a situation in which the masses of the people are not aware of the true goals of the 1%. By disguising a takeover with innocuous language like” A room in the North Academic center(NAC) has been relocated for the expansion…” and “the move took place during the weekend so that it would be less disruptive to the collage” are prime examples of this.  Be not fooled by the slippery lounges of serpents.

“Every economic decision and institutions must be judged in whether it protects or undermines the dignity of the human person.”  -American Bishop Pastoral

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