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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Health, Resistance and Liberation

The breath of life is that vital force which sustains us.  Learning to manipulate the breath while moving or being still can be a great boon to you.  Exercises such as Tai chi, yoga qi gong and kung fu can help you immensely.  Free flow of air throughout the body is of the utmost importance.  In this world we have a tendency to breath constricted.  Almost as if we are struggling for air.  This is NOT how it was meant to be.
          Think back to when you were a child and remember how free and natural the breath was to you.  Instead of the lungs, the origin of the air seemed to come from deep with.  This is what is known as the diaphragm or tan tien. Lungs must be free from impediments in order to function In addition; blood must be oxygenated for the brain to function properly.  Combining static breathing techniques with a fighting style will do wonders.  But why?
          Meditation will serve to calm the mind and body as well increase awareness of world, both internal and external; while the fighting style will give you confidence control and effective ability to defend yourself.  Self-defense as we know it is the basis of liberation.  As we are attacked we defend. After we defend we attack to ensure no future attack occurs.  In order to attack we must be fit in both mind and body. Culture is supposed to imbue our people with health and wealth.  But we must secure our culture NOW, for the simple reason we are under attack. 
          In my view the best way to secure our culture is to acquire knowledge.  We must become knowledgeable about who we are, knowledgeable about our enemy is, about his defenses and the methods he employs.  Information is power.  With the proper information we have the power to resist.  
          Resisting a culture of death is no easy task family; the elements that will bring us back to life (mentally, spiritually, and culturally) is however. 
1) Eat right
2) Exercise
3) Get proper sleep
4) Transform pain to joy
          The first three are pretty straight forward. A little bit of research will put you on the correct path toward a blissful life.  So let’s address number four for a moment.  Oppression leads to pain. Pain comes in any number of forms.  It could be the loss of a sibling or you yourself were victim of a calamity.  Perhaps racial or economic bias has scared you in some way.  Whatever the situation, pain is not a game.  But once you experience it life doesn’t come to an end.  One thing I have learned is that life continues.  Not in a straight path but in a circle, cycles if you will. In reality it’s more of a spiral. You can either go upwards or down but move you shall.  The ability to transform pain caused by situations will go a long way in determining how successful you and subsequently we are in liberating ourselves from the fetters of white supremacy. 
 And remember:


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