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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The day we stop playing games

              Mind games. Men play them. Woman mastered them. Its all over the social structure of many countries. I hear itis everywhere:

"Gurllll this nucca here think I'm stupid,. Now all of a sudden you have a password on your phone?

"So...who is this new friend of yours?"
"Oh he is just a co-worker."
 "Right and why is he calling at 11pm?"
"Yup, that what I thought, ole trifling woman.."   So on and so forth.  See things like that are generally acceptable at a high school level, a little less at the collage level.  When you are in your mid to late 20's..err not so much. 

Indeed.  Mental foolery.  Now I am all for seeing things from the other perspective.  After all a slanted view of the world makes for limited perspective and a dull mind, but when you do so with the intention of deceiving  in order to take advantage of the opposite sex, that when I take issue.  So fellas and ladies, stop folling your self and stop the games.  Really ask yourself what is it that you want, and what is it that your potential partner wants,  Be truthful with one another and build.  Other wise we get this:

(black men) my opinion

And this:

Yeah...not cool.  Moral of the story, quit the games and insecurity.  Communicate a little better and maybe healing  and building can really start.  

What do you all think: Do we as opposite genders play to many games? And what would you like to change about how we communicate. 

Re: (Black Men) Msprophet123

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gems of the web

Peace Family, back again with some real treats for you.  If you are like me, the run of the mill entertainment just doesn't do it.  Contrary to popular being fed the same programs just to keep up with the "mainstream" is not the move. Different style and pattern ah wha we say, awo.

So in light of that I have for you some web gems.  Shows that if you wanna laugh out loud and learn something is a must see. So get the popcorn, call your partner up or ya homies and loosen up.  


Yes you are...I love it

My girl Issa Rae. I get weak watching her.  Don't judge me damn it.  Seriously  her humor is off the wall. Smart, sassy and yes sexy. The low cut defiantly works I highly recommend this show. If you like stuff like the Office, then this is for you.  Weak I tell you.

2) Sa neter-

Now, this man and his organization, the House of  Konsciousnesses brings so much history and knowledge to the masses its ridiculous. And to tell the truth sometimes I laugh my ass at the moments caught on film.  I'm talking tears, holding my belly type stuff.  Think different and vibe and you will get it.  Natural Tehuti and Queen Noble. Nuff said...

Question: What shows or news sources do you watch that are off the beaten path? Holla @ me.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Treat her like a dish....Eat well

   Are you ready?? 

 If your a man like me, chances are you probably love women. I mean absolutely adore and revere them. Its , well, a law of Nature. So yes, rejoice in the fact that there is literally a bevy of intelligent, driven and willing ladies out in this crazy world to build with.  Its good to be among the living right now.

     Allow me to set the scene for a second. I'll be brief: Underground, MTA travel hustling, headphones on, notebook and a pen.  The usual. The doors open, as they are prone to do, and in walks this little pettie cinnamon skin beauty(something like the picture above). My first thought was.."Wow i want to devour you", literally and figuratively. I know, ya'll are like "this nucca here". But seriously I wanted to eat her, and not on a zombie, bath salt level either.
      See, I have learned in this life. That one way to appreciate a woman is to treat her like a meal. A meal in order to be enjoyed thoroughly, must be prepared with the utmost love and attention.  The fine details of the scene must be manipulated in such a way that it is made unforgettable. Oh and for the record I don' t simply mean the night of the feast. No, no I am talking long before that blissful night.  I am speaking of devouring her presence: the lilt of her voice, the sway of her hips, the heat she gives off. All of it.
      Treat her like a meal, gentleman. Prepare the scene, and take care of the ingredients used to make the meal.  That way the first taste will be the sweetest pleasure