From I to I


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Logic vs. Feeling


That awkward moment when you realize you have racked your brain for the umpteenth time, breaking down the same problem over and over with no results is something any student, teacher or person with a semi active social life has been through.  As the variables pile up, and the different levels of complex thought set in often the mind, nah the heart steps in and says: “Stop it B!”  As a consequence, feeling rears her mysterious and persistent head.  Sometimes it’s as though the two just can’t and won’t coexist.  I believe the terms “irresistible force and unmovable object” come to mind. 
            Yet the quirky paradox is that logic and emotion give rise to one another.  They give life texture and beauty.  Imagine a world without at least the semblance of emotion, without feelings.  How then can we enjoy the cool rain providing a break from the scorching sun?  Or that sense of unease that prevents us from walking down that dark alley only to read a headline “Couple found stabbed”?  Without the capacity to translate information from your senses and move naturally with them what exactly are we? We might as well be robots operating in an uncaring unfeeling fashion. 
            However without sound reasoning abilities how we operate in the world would be like George W. Bush on steroids, just doing whatever to whomever we want. No Buena.  With no way to sit down and analyze, every situation becomes a never ending flood of emotion and confusion.  You wouldn't even begin to understand why you bawling your eyes out on a Friday night eating comfort food yet again.  In fact without logic you would even care to figure a way out. The moment would be reality instead the Now and Soon. 

           In conclusion the sword cuts both ways. Without an equal understanding and expression of each life gets thrown off balance.  Overabundance of emotion leads to an ungrounded reality, likewise too much logic can lead to apathy and cynicism.  However…to find balance amidst the extremes then the sweetness of peace is sure to follow.