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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fighting the white man's war

Disclaimer:  The word White when used in this piece is a symbol of certain characteristics manifested in concrete political actions.  It is NOT solely skin color or race.  It is mental disposition.

            Tao Te ching:
                        “Know the White, but stay to the Black”

            We are in the midst of the cold war reborn. This newest age of warfare and savagery has the making of an era thought long gone.  Superpowers fight for influence in regions all across the globe, without directly engaging one another.  This is done by typically backing “insurgents”. Those insurgents or freedom fighters are really distant pawns, but kings in their own sector of earth, vying for a position to push their own agenda.  Throughout the latest spat of conflicts, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Snowden and Manning, etc…old themes are apparent.
            In Libya a long standing leader seeks to pave the way for a new era.  Overthrown, then assassinated the country dips into chaos, destabilizing the region further.  Please note that the plan Gadhafi was seeking to complete would have been a major step forward in dismantling the USA’s and her allies grip in the region. 
            In Egypt- Leadership counter to western ideals has found its way to a large segment of the population;   as a result, through democratic elections a “dangerous “faction comes into power.  Changes are made to the country that does not sit well with another section of the populace.  A coup follows and who benefits?  The Western superpowers stand to gain influence in the region when it is all said and done. 
            Edward Snowden- Former CIA and NSA turned whistle blower.  Deemed a traitor and fugitive by the USA, he leaked classified documents exposing illegal activities by the government and is now on the run.  The irony is the very actions committed that caused him to flee have been historically welcomed by the U.S. by foreign whistle blowers.  Bradley (now called Chelsea) Manning was an officer in the US armed forces.  He released many documents and videos including a gruesome video of helicopter pilots killing 1st responders.  He is currently in prison after seeking to release the footage through the proper channels, you know, being a good solider and reporting war crimes committed by the USA”s military.  So we have one in prison and the other in exile for acting in the true spirit of patriotism. 
            Throughout it all superpowers carve up the world simply because they can. The USA arms and  funds this group; Russia leads support to another.  China follows the West and plunders Africa.  Chemical weapons used most likely by a government on the ropes, eerily similar to Iraq in the 90’s. Again and again the same cycle repeats.  Meanwhile most people just wish peace.  However depending on which propaganda you subscribe to, which worldview you endorse peace consists of US triumphing over THEM. 
            So where does this stem from?  Simple answer White mentality.  Common attributes: division, and a mentality of scarcity and of course the kicker---manifest destiny.    See we must understand that ones who are in control of the world’s infrastructure are a sick sort.  They descend from a people who lived in very harsh environments where resources were scarce and savage, selfish behavior was the key to survival.  Power, as we know corrupts and those who wield it are more likely to commit horrid acts to hold on to it.  Now imagine a people that were the last in everything. No culture, no science, no power, no nothing.  Then suddenly they are taught knowledge and acquire technology.  Maddens ensues.  Flash forward many generations to where a reality exists in which the descendants of those first White people have grabbed power.  Instead of a highly spiritual and technological world we live in a world of undue stress, war and intolerance.  So to my brothers and sisters I ask why we are fighting the White man’s war.
            White, as we know is a state of mind prone to moments of insanity.  Who are we fighting for if not for the future of our children?  Why are we so intolerant of each other’s cultures?  Why are so many of our youth so willing to pull the trigger to further the political aspirations of an obviously insane group of people?  We have to wise up.  In the end if we do not deal with the psychological game being pulled on ALL of us, well if you this century state of affairs are bad, and just wait until the 22nd century.  Just remember this: While the ones of the Black mind were concerned primarily with improving relations between all things on Earth, the White mind saw this and understood not. Then they took the teachings of his brother and slew him.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Unseen Revolution

For those familiar with the concepts of liberation, freedom, war, poverty, sorrow and elevation, the notion of reclaiming the family structure has a familiar ring.  A seemingly over abundant number of talking points crowd our collective psyche.  But without concrete, take the bull by the horns, step by step action, it remains just that—talk.
                The bottom line is this, like anything, our family issues are a complex mixture of individual experiences and collective vision.  There are black, beautiful couples producing wonderful works and magnificent children to be reared in lovely homes.  There are also black beautiful couples producing NOT so wonderful works.  “Raising” children, that without the intervention of the righteous force, become yet another reminder of how far we have to go collectively.  This is the family structure most talked about; saving existing children and repairing existing families.
                But there is an unseen issue.  The millions of men and women seeking to pair with another great mind committed to liberation and having brilliant children.  As a single solider I’ll admit I’m in a somewhat biased position.  Often I am left wondering how is it possible to endeavor to be the best man I can be, a template to be improved upon for my brothers, yet not (apparently) coveted by my sisters.  Go figure. During these times of questioning, of doubt, it is easy to fall victim to yet another by-product of our social conditioning.  Hatred of our sisters, and self-loathing
But why does this persist? What exactly is plaguing the psyche of so many brothers and sisters that results in so many unable to find good partners in the very places where prospects should be abundant? Hurt caused by expectations not met seems to be a likely answer.  Also, disconnection between man and women results in a lack of respect shown by word and deed.  Part of the solution can be found by implementing a rites of passage system.  When it comes to meshing logic and nature our people need to do better.  For instance there should be no reason why the “ratchet and ghetto” members of our family should be in relationships, and having babies while the so called “conscious” are single. 
Let’s be honest, many of our family is so emotionally traumatized from past experiences before they join the movement that they simply shut down the portion of self that craves unification, instead choosing  to dedicate themselves to other parts of the struggle. That is understandable and often needed.  However, when the time comes to step back into the realm of family building, emotional baggage left unresolved becomes like a cancer to the Afrikan mind, causing strife between man and women.  We must break down that wall in order to progress.  There are way too many knowledgeable, driven brothers and sisters out here not having babies, not starting families.  In war, if able, it is generally a good policy to open multiple fronts in which the enemy must defend.  Let’s open up this front family.  To be clear when I say we must save the babies, I speak those currently in the world and those present in our sperm and eggs.  The future is fluid so the better we do NOW; the better life WILL be for the future babies. So stop fronting, be men and women and unite the collective struggle.  Remember a house divided against itself cannot stand.
Taking from an ancient Egyptian concept of unification, we must reunite the two houses of humanity; the Kingdom and Queendom.  Looking at the trend brought about by mass incarceration, which is a tactic in an overall strategy to thin the black male from society, division has grown in our household. The war on drugs, lack of employment( no viable trade programs in inner city schools) have resulted in young black man being killed, unfairly  targeted or locked up at an astonishing rate( women are being incarcerated  at an ever increasing rate as well).  Combined with an astounding number of programs geared specifically toward women, designed to economically and socially empower them, an educational/financial gap has occurred between the black man and woman. 
To be clear this is not a pity party. Black men, self-included, need to step up and become powerful figures in our community again.  However the black woman needs to educate herself on the plight of her brother, her partner.  By doing so, perhaps they can begin (on a massive scale) to select better men.  As we men learn ourselves again and start to exhibit those qualities of a good partner we too can select better partners, not to mention treat our partners better.   Want to be less likely to become divorced or abused?  Then don’t look down on the brother with a job but rides the bus.  You know not his plans.  If you wish to be taken care of, while still being pushed to be the best woman you are?  Perhaps the brother who acts 19 yet is pushing 30 is not for you (or maybe that works depending on the level of focus). 
In short a new evaluation system is order.  There is a well-known truth in war.  “Everything is fluid”.  Meaning as the times change we must adapt.  The old rules don’t completely apply.  Women are as whole, in a position to be the financial backbone of the family. Embrace it.  At the same time we as men need to articulate and expand our vision for our people.  As our women make headway in this European world, we as men should use this time to reflect and perfect our strategy.  A key function of manhood is the ability to shape reality, by dictating and adapting to events. 
As Afrikan men what is our collective vision?


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For My Sisters

I’m not here to placate you
Play verbal Kung Fu; I’m here to scar you
Unsettle the mental sediment
Caused by too many weaves, relaxing creams

Unsafe sexual escapades
This parade of flesh, that
passes for allure
I’m here to get you away from wishing and talking
As a trumpet; a call to action
The first stop for revolution starts with you
A revelation I hope you can relate to
See: You are under cultural hypnosis, societal control
Force-fed to be bred as a hoar not a housewife
A jump off, side chick, not a shero, or a queen
A slave not a warrior
A junkie for synthetic hair cream
Lotion and soap designed to turn your complexion lighter than it was intended to be
Social engineering is a process that is quite complex
Start of young, coarse language, they soak it up like sponge
Bitch, hoe, nigga; See how it rolls off the lounge
Slipped into the music, it’s no longer abuse
It’s just how we do!
Interlaced with images of Dope boys and Benz’s
Mixed with ideas of weak armed nerds that read books and get bullied, punked on the block
Because he’s trying to master his diction
I can’t blame you…You learned it from ya mama
But she was only 16 when she had you though
So now you listen to single ladies
Thinking you don’t need a man
Not realizing to breathe with one lung
To stand with one leg
To fight with one arm
To think with half a brain
Makes life tougher than it needs to be
So yeah, I’m not here to verbally masturbate you
I’m here to uplift you
With the vision of an eagle, clear space for your throne
Your Brother…I got you

Queennasira Asantewaa Sekou of the People's Survial Program