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Monday, August 19, 2013

We Are All Marcus Garvey!!

We are All Marcus Garvey!

43.9 million

The number of blacks, either alone or in combination with one or more other races, on July 1, 2011, up 1.6 percent from the census on April 1, 2010.
Source:Population Estimates <>

77.4 million

The projected black population of the United States (including those of more than one race) for July 1, 2060. On that date, according to the projection, blacks would constitute 18.4 percent of the nation's total population. 
Source: Population projections <>

NYC August 2013
          Commonly referred to as Marcus Garvey’s month in NYC august is truly an exciting time.  Throughout the month events and programs are being organized and actualized.  These events illustrate the power of the Afrikan to be self sufficient and quite forceful in determining our reality.  As an interesting contrast to the poverty, ignorance and confusion our people are afflicted with, these events provide a ray of hope.  More than that, it provides another stone in which the future Pan Afrikan nation will be built. 
          Garvey was truly a man before his time.  His ideas were so radical they were sensible; so extreme they were reasonable.  His militaristic stance made the ruling class (I.e. white supremacists) and Afrikans in rehabilitation nervous yet hopeful.  The U.N.I.A was and is exactly what we need.  More specifically the ideology and infrastructure offered was and is the remedy for the Black nation.
          Imagine if we all embodied the same nationalistic, organizational spirit and will to take control of our individual and collective destiny, Brain power is not lacking. A concerted effort to analyze and reach a consensus about what our collective reality is the problem.   For centuries the world has had European minds at the forefront of development.  The results have been less than encouraging.  Rampant corruption, poverty, sickness and cataclysmic climate change are just a few of the issues we face now.  We must self affirm and self determine how we wish to run our existence or we will continue to be exploited by the savage ones. 
          So learn from Garvey family.  Instead of seeking to buy into the celebrity leader model, where the chance for success is a crap shoot at best, be practical.   By focusing on providing the goods and services needed to cope, compete and otherwise live in this world now and moving forward, you can be a star in your own right.  Money is there to be made.  In fact many trades such as carpentry, plumbing, computer engineering, and graphic design offer highly lucrative careers. “Based on its present configuration, the full configuration of an Afrikan American economic system requires that it undergoes a number of phases. The first phase is the establishment of a broad base retail and service outlets…” –Amos Wilson Truer words have never been said. 
          The more businesses we open amongst our selves combined with a fundamental change of our attitudes regarding our worth as human beings, the better off we will be.   We Afrikans have enormous gifts and a storied history; we need only develop and channel our power. 
          Garvey learned the power of media earlier. He then tried his hand at business achieving varied results.  Unfortunate infiltration by he savage ones derailed his projects, but not his ideas! So, study those ideas and engineer them.  Creation and control is the key to our future existence. 


Help build the People’s survival Program @

Guillermo Morales- Assata Shakur Center @ CCNY 
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Right To Know

“This is a right to know issue. This is very simple—we all have a right to know what is in our food.” David Byrnes, founder of Good Boy Organics

          Welcome to the future.  Very recently the first test tube hamburger was produced and eaten. Of course the meat was a genetically modified organism. Hey I’m all for the triumph of science over the limitations we once had, just let me know what I’m getting into. With all the NSA spying on the average citizens in addition to legitimate terrorists we have the potentially lethal situation of GMO (genetically modified organisms) on our shelf unlabeled.  And guess what? They have been for years!  Worst of all companies like Monsanto are putting the squeeze on farmers all over. 
Recent legal cases have highlighted a very slick way of crushing the completion (mind you these are simple farmers trying to make a decent living). By trade marking the resultant seed produced, a corporation like Monsanto can lay claim to another’s land if a seed happenss to land and take root. The logic is that the seed is intellectual property and therefore subject to ownership laws.  So, what is to stop them from delving in tactics like deliberately planting seeds on a farmers land and then claiming the crop as their own? HMMMMM…
          According to the Epoch times, the FDA has never conducted tests on GMO products, which is a bit strange since they ARE the FOOD AND DRUG administration. Logically it would seem that conducting tests on food comes in the job description.  It is a well know fact that food is fuel for the body.  In this country and many others there are actual laws on the books about what type of fuel is acceptable for use in automobiles, yet stringent testing on a product that greatly impact the most important machine on  the planet—the human body---is no where to be found. At the core of this is a seemingly insidious plot of secrecy surrounding something that is vital to all.

Shouldn't we the people have a right to know what is going into our bodies?  Why a 46$ million campaign against proposition 37 in California?
          Science is one of the foundations of a successful society. And so is honesty.  Hopefully the two can co-exist in the age of modification.


Monday, August 5, 2013

cultural modification

As always people are people. People create traditions and customs.  Depending on the nature and character of people, we will either seek to work with each other cultures or conquer them.

Currently the Afrikan is in the midst of modification.  Unconsciously many of our people are seeking a return to our roots.  Consciously many are awaking to the reality of our condition worldwide.  Aside from the down to earth practical matters such as providing food, clothing shelter we need a complete analysis of our status worldwide.  Specifically the Afrikan in the geopolitical location known as America must really analyze who we are and our political status.

Culture is much more than clothes, slang and tradition.  It is a state of mind.  A healthy culture invites self critical study and self development.  A powerful culture encourages self determination not dependency.  Culture builds, and culture protects.  But builds and protects what?
In my view, culture builds nations. The traditions, the morals codified into law combined with a process for succession of leadership are some objectives of building a nation.
For the record:
Status according the Black’s Law Dictionary online is
 -Total of a body’s legal capacity, liabilities, duties, standing and rights. 2. Hierarchy’s relative ranks. 3. Present state of affairs.

Political according to Wikipedia is.
- The practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. A variety of methods is employed in politics, which include promoting its own political views among people, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws, and exercising force, including warfare against adversaries. Politics is exercised on a wide range of social levels, from clans and tribes of traditional societies, through modern local governments, companies and institutions up to sovereign states, to international level.
A political system is a framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society. History of political thought can be traced back to early antiquity, with seminal works such as Plato's Republic, Aristotle's Politics and opus of Confucius.
Now there are many other texts on politics from Afrikan culture far older than these, one only need find them.

Brothers and sisters please ask yourself: What are you holding on to by claiming to be American? Logically, if you view history through sane eyes it is apparent that those who founded this country and their children who benefit from our defeat view us either as a problem or as commercial property.  Do we as a whole feel we are not capable of governing ourselves?
Rampant poverty, constant war, and imperialism disguised as progress coming from a foundation of savagery.  This is the truth of our current condition.  How is it that our people within a span of 400yrs have abandoned our birthright of sovereignty? Alas, lamenting our apparent lack of clarity will do nothing without a clear objective.
I propose simple modification; a slight shift in our thinking. Simply begin to see ourselves as a nation under siege.
 Siege according to is
the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in suh a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of     the defenders and thereby making capture possible.
Any prolonged or persistent effort to overcome resistance.
A series of illnesses, troubles, or annoyances besetting a person or group: a siege of head colds.
A prolonged period of trouble or annoyance.

I chose the online dictionary for a reason family. Understand these definitions are common knowledge. Look them up from many sources and correlate the variations.  But let’s get back to us being under siege. Is that too big of a leap to make?  I hope not.

Amos Wilson in Blueprint for Black Power expounds on the notion of a nation.  “These White American trading/transnational/political powers are interconnected by a maze of rivers, roads, bridges…electronic communications networks… These networks form the nervous system of the nation.”  He further explains “This sense of nation is not founded in the terrain or the infrastructure of other networks or systems.  It is only founded in the minds of the members of self identified populace.” Let’s key in on the term self identified populace for a moment.  From the beginning we had a unique culture and identity.  However through an extensive program of manipulation and coercion we have been made to feel as though properly separating our selves from the very people who committed this act of savagery is somehow counter productive!
We are not speaking of armed rebellion.  Although, to be clear, violence is an enviable fact; Power is a seductive force that men and women kill to hold on too.  We simply need to reshape how we conduct the business of life among each other.  Inclusion, integration, with a people who have historically benefited from our enslavement is foolish.  However the control they exert over said infrastructure precipitates this.  An old adage: “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” comes to mind.  Yet if that same hand feeds you poison, what then?

At the core of control is ideology.  If we continue to buy into this concept of “America for all”, instead of “war until liberation”, we will always be victims.  The logic is simple.  The racial pain caused by white supremacy runs deep.  The system of perpetual poverty by continuing to give up self determination caused by joining wholesale to the USA’s imperialistic system is a recipe for genocide. Realize genocide need not be sudden. Time, strategy and tactics can be utilized in so many variations.
Seeking to change the landscape and fully buy into (literally) White America is akin to laying siege against a walled city. Better, is to wage a cultural guerilla war. Our weapons are already in place—infrastructure, our genius to innovate, and white people’s need to dominate others. “The same transportation-communication infrastructure systematically serves the white nation and which is a major source of its economic and political prowess is also available to the Afrikan American nation” –Amos Wilson, Blueprint for Black power.
And we are doing!

Yet without the ideology of Pan- Afrikanism we are only fighting half a war, if that.  Culture builds, culture protects remember?  Identifying with our global brothers and sisters will enable a mass metal prison break.  Planning globally and acting locally will connect us back to ourselves.
Marcus Garvey asked us long ago,”Have you ever stopped to think that in the Christian doctrine of today is injected a propaganda that seems to humiliate you and me?” Indeed this question has a broader message.  Have we truly stopped to think this country has in place a system designed to subjugate you and I?  I know so.
The language in which we by and large speak, think, and write in are not our own.  The ideals that we strive to emulate are not our own.  The destiny that we collectively strive for is not our own.  Indeed if we stop and ask ourselves---“Whose world are we building?”  And really answer that question truthfully.  The answer will shock and disgust you.
All is not lost however.  In recognizing that the human needs of food, clothing shelter, language, laws, tradition, communication, transportation, and entertainment can be fulfilled by any and all with the technical knowledge we can again move toward a nation for us and by us.  Material is not the problem. Skills are not the problem.  Ideology and a willingness to implement are.  Our sprits are vast, our memories long, but fear runs deep.  Fear of what exactly?

Fear of failure, fear of death and fear of power. Think of an athlete who dominates the completion, then suffers a grievous injury.  On the road to recovery the hardest battle is not the physical portion.  It is the mental block that limits confidence.  Doubt leads to a failure to give your all. The same can be said of the African here.  Each time we rose up and fought we were crushed (ok crushed is a bit extreme but still…) Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and list of dead Jengas  does go on and on.  To be sure the work they did lives on, but still a loss is a loss.  Half victories in the minds of a people living in a hostile environment are damaging.  So yes, fear of failure and death are some things we must face.
Now, let us examine fear of power.  Do we truly believe we have what it takes to govern ourselves sans the overriding presence of the European?  Afrika for Afrikans indeed! I know we can, but do we have the will to do it?  Power is seductive but the responsibility that comes with is heavy indeed.
Live on brothers and sisters.  Think, act and BE powerful.