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Saturday, August 11, 2012

When the search begins..AKA to cuff or not to cuff?

 So...summer is almost over and that means the weather will turn cold and frigid, much like that summer love's emotions after she caught you trying to holla at that other lady( or fella).  Such is life in the city or suburbs for that matter.  Honestly summer flings turning into "Damn she was fly. Let me give her a call...What!? Wrong number, ain't this bout a b***h" is going to happen. 
   Which is why I suggest a few rules, well more like guidelines to dating during the cold season.  My brothers please just shut it and listen. Thank you in advance. 

Rule #1

    Do an Autumn cleaning of your phone book. 

   All non essential( read- booty that you will never see again, except that awkward moment on your  local train line). 
There is nothing worse than trying and failing to rekindle a dead relationship. Sorry, contrary to popular belief embers of flings that have long since past are not so simple to become roaring fires of passion. Unless it was just that amazing. Just let it go..please. Last I checked there are plenty of good, hardworking single people in the world.  And yes more than a couple are looking forward to finding someone to have a nightcap with the option to advance to cuffed status. Heed well Autumn is the season of cutting of the dead weight to make room for the new.


  Clearly define your intention

  Look, I get it. The pimp/player life is idolized all over. T.V, rap videos, err to name a few sources. But in the real world this only leads to increase chances of becoming a real life stat.(3 baby mommas and counting..and why is it burning when I pee??) So yes, clarity is key , now and forever. Trust me, when honesty is involved entire new doors are opened; some of which are well..interesting to say the least. If you refuse to be honest with a potential partner at least be honest with yourself. Ladies, sometimes head at the movies is just that. Just calling like I see it. When you are in the cuffing mode, why waste time with the flavor of the week, when the house special is always on the menu? Remember non essential action leads to moments best left to the likes of teenagers just discovering the joys of lovemaking.

Lastly Rule#3

  Learn to be selective!!

  Can this potential partner satisfy most if not all the requirements necessary to make it to the spring? Or is this just a 6pm, I'm really tired of eating alone kind of thing? Not everything walking on the street is worthy of finding its way into your bedroom.  The bedchamber is sacred man.  Unless sleeping with everything that moves is your cup of tea, be a little sometimes. Real talk.

So let the cuffing begin> Peace.  


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The gap between

Peace Family. I know its been a minute gets hectic.  SMH. In the midst of making moves  I keep my ear to the streets. Believe me when I tell you ithe Gap in talent when it comes to underground music and the gook you hear on the mainstream, Im going to show you. its so apparent its disturbing.  

Case #1: Consciousplat . Check her out @  This lady is fly with out a doubt. Singer, songwriter and poet are but a few of her talents.  More importantly she radiates positive in her songs. The message is undeniable. Yet she wouldnt check a second look in the mainstream world.  Shows were the menatly is nowadays.  SMH

Case #2   

Mamasol. Find her @ Fire. Fire. Simple and plain. Her lyrics are some of the most skillful i've come across in a while.  But you won't hear her played musch on the radio.  Maybein your town but not  in NYC.  No twerking so yeah....

Case #3  Dormtainment.  See these guys @  Gives new meaning to the letters LMAO.  Witty and surprisingly socially astute, the fellas bring a fresh sense of comedy to the net.  And trust they have a enough talent to easily hold their own on a network.  Its a shame that they don't have their own show streaming directly  to a vast audience.  

My thing is this when it comes to talent and originality the underground scene is so on it. No knock on the mainstream(well maybe a lill) , but how many times can we listen to a lifestyle that most know nothing about? Just saying. Until next time. Hotep.