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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My fair ladies

To the ladies, to the ladies.... Peace and blessings.  Just taking some time out to express my appreciation for all that you have given in terms of inspiring generations of Kings, and Queens, even though it seems a bit bleak at the moment.  I know sometimes it may look like we(men) do not appreciate you or respect what you mean to the world, but we do.  Well the ones who know and act  anyways,  I can't speak for the rest.  The only thing is, please take control of the image you  portray.  Falling victim to the brainwashing techniques of this current regime only undermines your allure and power to shape reality.  Your sexy, blessed with immaculte features, I get it. We all get it.  So why put it out so blatant?  Think about it: Is dressing and acting in an overly sexual light really your decision or is it a reaction to being boxed into a physiologically sexually repressive culture that uses sex a a marketing tool?.  Just saying.
30 greatest women in hip hop

Monday, March 19, 2012

hmm makes ya think

Awww mama earth is lovely....Hey wait a minute she sure do look like a sister I know. Lol 

people power all day, everyday.

Peace...well 2012 is defiantly heating up.  I n the last few weeks, an explosion of violence is sweeping across the nation, mostly centered where the Black communities( Detroit, the Bronx...).  So to offset that a bit, had to dig up some positive wisdom from the archives... Enjoy.

Time to shift the minds ya'll and stop playin